What is Microblading or Feathering?

Microblading method is the most natural appearing form of eyebrow tattooing. Using a pen-like device to stroke hair-like lines of pigment into the skin. These strokes fall in the same direction as your own natural hairs, and create the most natural results. This method is different than the traditional tattoo done by machine which typically gives you a powdered or more penciled in look.

Is My Deposit Refundable?

No. All deposits are non-refundable but can be credited towards a future service within 6 months.

Does Eyebrow Tattooing hurt?

Your comfort is most important to me, and I will always  use a topical anesthetic cream before and during the procedure to make sure you feel comfortable the whole time. 

How long does the tattooing take?

I typically book you in for a 2 hour time slot. This will include the consultation, preparing your skin and the procedure.

How many treatments are needed?

I always offer a complimentary eyebrow touch up 4-6 weeks later. Everyone heals differently and at different rates and this gives us the opportunity to make them darker or create more density to your brows the second time.

Do I have to be careful after I have them done?

Aftercare consists of not getting them wet for 7 days after, as well as applying the vaseline I provide you with, for 5 days.  DO NOT pick or rub your eyebrows as they are healing, this will cause the pigment to come off prematurely.  Makeup should not be applied on the brows for at least two weeks but everywhere else is fine.  All laser and rejuvenation type treatment should be avoided on the brow area to avoid premature fading, pigment swelling and or colour altering.

How will they look after I have them done?

Your eyebrows will look amazing, however they will fade 30-50% within that first week of healing.  When you come in for your appointment, bring in any photos of your eyebrows filled in the way you like, as well as any eyebrow makeup that you currently use to do your eyebrows. 

What does semi-permanent mean?

It just means that they will gradually fade and eventually you will need to do them again. With proper care they typically will last 1-3 years depending on your skin and lifestyle. Unlike typical inked tattoos which last forever, they fade over time and should be refreshed every 1-1. 5 years for maintenance.

What Pigment do you use?

I use iron oxide pigments. They are considered the safest semi-permanent pigments to use for the skin.