After Care

Be patient and know that all this is part of the normal and expected healing process. You will feel like too much colour has been lost, patches are potentially missing, hair strokes don’t look as crisp as when they were first done and wonder where your tattoo went etc. After 6 weeks, you will come in for your touch-up and any final adjustments to finalize the 2 step process of creating the perfect brows. #BrowBabeStatus will be achieved

Before Your Procedure

  • Bring in 1 or 2 pictures of brows you are wanting
  • Fill in your brows as you would day-to-day so I have an idea of color and shape you prefer
  • Avoid eyebrow waxing, threading or tinting at least 3-5 days prior to your service 
  • Try to avoid any medications that would thin your blood such as aspirin, ibuprofen, Vitamin E and Omegas. If on prescriptions such as accutane, I suggest waiting 3-6 months to schedule a service
  • No alcohol consumption the day before/of your service 
  • I recommend scheduling any vacations where you will be in the sun 2 weeks post your service to decrease unwanted fading at an early stage 

After Care

  • Always wash your hands with soap and water prior to applying ointments
  • If washing for brows is absolutely necessary, use sterilized gauze dampened in distilled water and pat, NOT rub the treated area,
  • Avoid cosmetics on your brows and apply the provided ointment twice daily; excessive salt or water can increase swelling
  • Do not get your brows wet for 7 days
  • Avoid sweating or tanning for 7 days
  • DO NOT pick at any dry flaky areas during the healing process

What to Expect

  • After treatment, it is normal to feel a sunburned sensation for a couple of days followed by dry, itchy or tender skin during the healing process. 
  • Brows will appear darker and bolder the next day.  During healing, they will lighten 30-40% and shrink in size-THIS is NORMAL!
  • Healing process will take approximately 6 weeks
  • As your skin naturally exfoliates and regenerates, you will notice color change, disappear and reappear as they settle-ALL TOTALLY NORMAL!
  • Skin will begin to flake and peel off-TOTALLY NORMAL, do not get alarmed!
  • Color will flake off and appear softer and less visible but will slowly reappear over the next 3-6 weeks-TOTALLY NORMAL and expected!

After the Healing Process

  • Continue to minimize the sun exposure; an SPF 15 of at least 15 will help protect pigment from the sun’s rays
  • Lasers on the treated areas can cause the pigment to darken and swell; avoid area at all times
  • Exfoliating products such as chemical peels, alpha & beta hydroxyl acids and retinol, promote pigment loss so again, avoid the treated area
  • Annual touch-ups can lengthen the life span of your brows (typically lasting anywhere from 1-3 years)